5 reasons Hood River is the perfect place for team building events

Paddling in Hood River, Oregon

From the surrounding hiking trails to the fabulous foodie and brewery scene, our home base of Hood River is the perfect place to host a team building event. Considered the adventure capital of Oregon, the city is just a one hour drive from Portland, yet feels a world away thanks to its rolling hills dotted with orchards and vineyards, wide rivers and mountain backdrop. Here are five reasons to consider Hood River as the inspiring setting for your team building offsites.

1. Hood River events and outdoor adventures

If you’re looking for something that will connect your team in an impactful and memorable way, nothing brings people together quite like adventure in the great outdoors. Situated between Mount Hood to the south, Mount Adams to the north and the Columbia River running east to west, Hood River offers endless opportunities for outdoor team building activities and off-sites. Horseback riding, stand up paddling and adrenaline-fueled sports like windsurfing, whitewater rafting and snowboarding are just a few of our favorite group activities.

Archery tag in the Columbia River GorgeArchery tag in the Columbia River Gorge

2. Facilities in Hood River

Hood River has a great variety of lodging, meeting and conference spaces, parks and event sites, services and vendors to meet the team building needs of groups of all sizes. Whether your group is looking for a rustic, backcountry lodge to hole up in for the weekend or a luxe, high-end resort for a week of conferences, Hood River and the surrounding Gorge has it all.

3. Oregon team building

Hood River is an hour-long, straight shot down the freeway from the Portland Metro area, and for groups gathering from around the country Portland International Airport is only 45 minutes away. In about the same amount of time many people get stuck in traffic at rush hour, your team can escape  to a more relaxed part of Oregon. Once in Hood River, all the great activities, adventures, venues and event spaces are all within close distance, which makes transportation and logistics easy to coordinate.

Hood River Canoe ClubCanoeing on the Columbia River

4. Food and drinks in Hood River

Hood River is a legit food and drink town. With more brew pubs and wineries per capita than any other town in the northwest, when your team comes to Hood River there’s never a shortage of great options for a night on the town with your team. Additionally, as one of the most popular wedding destinations in the northwest, there’s also a wide variety of high-end catering options.

Wine tasting in Hood River, OregonWine tasting at Cathedral Ridge Winery in Hood River, Oregon

5. Inspired events with an incredible backdrop

With its incredible scenery, friendly locals and amazing adventures, Hood River is an inspiring place to visit. And with inspiration being the goal of most team building activities and retreats, coming to our backyard makes the job a whole lot easier and leaves a lasting impact on your team.

Playing archery tag in OregonA Global Sessions archery tag team building event

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