Aaron Sales

Living in Hood River, OR for two decades has allowed Aaron to enjoy a lifestyle filled with outdoor recreation, work and family. “It’s all about balancing work and play, and where better to raise a family and start a business than the Gorge?” he says. One of his favorite pastimes is kiteboarding on the Columbia River, and he even set a world record by using his kite to snowboard to the summit of Mt St Helens in just 33 minutes.  

Aaron formerly worked as the editor of Kiteboarding Magazine, and his passion for sports led him to organize events such as The Gorge Games, develop The North American Snowkite Tour, and organize heli-ski trips and events for CMH.


“After an amazing event at Smith Rock in central Oregon, the Global Sessions team stayed an extra day to enjoy an adventure. We packed inflatable paddle boards down to the Crooked River and paddled a section of it that has never seen SUPs before. It’s sharing those experiences of going into the unknown that makes work and life so awesome.”


Aaron loves to share his passion for travel and adventure sports, and hopes that if he was stuck on a deserted island that his bag was packed with kitesurfing gear, a stand up paddleboard, snowboard, mountain bike and a hammock. Hopefully all of his friends, family, and border collie, too. 

It’s worth noting that Aaron is also the Global Sessions Ping Pong Champion and offers his clients a 10 percent discount if they can beat him. But beware of what happens if they lose!


Aaron’s superpower is called Teleport Shredding, which allows him to instantly teleport in the world where conditions are perfect for snowboarding, kitesurfing or snowkiting. Hmmm, lunchtime kite session on the North Shore of Mauritius, anyone?