Remote team building activities: Proven ways to connect with colleagues

Katy Green Council

In a world where more companies than ever are recognizing the importance of strong corporate culture, team building and employee retention, social distancing has been challenging to say the least. With many employees being forced to unexpectedly work from home, businesses need innovative ways to keep their teams both productive and connected. Here are some of our favorite remote team building activities, and tips for managing the transition.


There’s nothing quite like Friday happy hour to connect with colleagues and get to know each other outside of the office, so celebrate the end of the work week by arranging a video hangout through your company’s Zoom, Skype or Slack channel. To get everyone in on the virtual team building fun, send out a cocktail recipe beforehand that each person can make themselves at home, or up the ante with a bartending showdown where people get to vote for their favorite self-crafted concoctions.

Online games for remote teams

The virtual team building challenges designed by Global Sessions in our Connect Away game uses a phone-based app to give players a series of photo, video or text-based missions to complete at home. Tasks and themes are customized with input from leadership, and developed to be engaging, purposeful and creative. These fun activities for remote employees also have a competitive element with points awarded for each mission, and as the game progresses submissions appear on a social feed for everyone in the group to see.

Connect Away remote team building gameBe compassionate

Global Sessions partners with bestselling author Laura Jack to bring the Compassion Code Academy to your team with the click of a button. This online transformational coaching program is aimed at conscious, mission-driven leadership teams and decision makers who want practical tools to lead compassionately and confidently, even in the most difficult situations.

Training ranges from a 90 minute keynote to three-hour coaching workshops, which includes mindset shifts, communication strategies and other resources accompanied with group coaching calls.

WATCH: Laura Jack shares tips for navigating uncertain times, and the importance of ‘Me, We, Us’

Take a break

If you’re already missing your daily coffee catchup with your work friends, do it virtually instead. Carve out 15 minutes each day to hop on the phone, and check in with each other while you refill your mug. Besides keeping each other updated on how you’re doing, it will also give you a much-needed mental break–especially if you take the call outside.

Team building for remote teams through Council

Council is the facilitated practice of intentional listening and storytelling, and has been used by companies like Snap and Nike to build trust and drive innovation within their teams. In each hour-long session, groups explore relevant themes including uncertainty, resilience and gratitude, and the results are transformative on both the individual and company culture. One participant shared that he learned more about a coworker in just one session, than he had in five years sitting next to him.

Global Sessions has partnered with facilitator Katy Green to hold Council with hundreds of people at a time, and it can also be facilitated remotely which makes Council an ideal option for remote team building. Contact us for more information and booking details.

Communication is key

While no one likes to be inundated with emails, overcommunication is key when working remotely. Circulate details to everyone on the team outlining:

  • How and when each person can be reached
  • What everyone is working on
  • Expectations about deadlines, project priorities and if daily/weekly check-ins will be held

Remember, a five minute call is sometimes equal to about two hours of reading or writing e-mails, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone if you need clarification from a colleague about something to avoid potential misunderstandings.


One of the most impactful virtual team building activities is a breathwork session, which guides groups through an emotional journey using a special technique of prolonged deep-breathing exercises and verbal guidance. Global Sessions partners with renowned breathwork expert Jon Paul Crimi–who has worked with celebrities including Matthew Perry and Owen Wilson–on this experience that gives individuals a much-needed emotional release.

The online sessions have the power to leave teams feeling connected on a level they’ve never felt before, and take place from the comfort of home. Contact us for more details, including wellness packages that include a mat and eye mask for each participant.