Long-term employee engagement programs

Positive company culture, high morale and healthy communication are key factors in building high performing teams. But these things don’t happen overnight. They take time, energy and commitment from leadership. 

We create customized, long-term employee engagement programs to fit the unique needs of each company we work with, with a holistic approach that combines fun and inspiring experiences with purposeful facilitation, keynote speakers and relationship building activities aimed at improving and maintaining the health and happiness of a team.

  • Monthly or quarterly series custom designed to create and maintain a positive company culture and united team.
  • Incorporates fun, physical experiences with purposeful team engagement activities for a well-balanced program that’s entertaining and inspiring.
  • Corporate health and wellness: We design and execute health and wellbeing programs in the workplace to promote engagement and increase morale. Read about the long-term employee enhancement program we created for INSITU, and the transformative change it had on their culture.

WATCH: Highlights from our multi-year employee engagement program with Insitu