What’s on your bucket list?

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Have you ever made a bucket list? If so, what’s on it? Many of us have grand visions of climbing mountains, swimming with whale sharks, waking up in Africa to the sound of lions roaring, or running a marathon. Everyone’s bucket list looks a bit different. Some things may take years to organize or train for, and others could be done this weekend. Just yesterday, I checked off my dream of snowboarding and snowkiting on my birthday which isn’t as simple as it seems, given my birthday is at the end of May.

After 10 years of trying to snowboard to the summit of Mt St Helens on a snowkite, I finally reached the summit in 2017 and set the speed record to the top. This life-changing experience made me realize how bucket list items can define you–or weigh you down if you let life slip by with never-ending work and family obligations. Everyone dreams of grand adventures, yet most people don’t take action.

Our passion at Global Sessions is to push people outside their comfort zone, and create and share those experiences of a lifetime. Take it from me: there’s nothing quite like the energy you feel when you achieve something you’ve put your mind to for years, or watching other people finally accomplish their goals.

Over the past eight years, Global Sessions has focused on putting together events and team building experiences where we have redefined what’s possible. We’ve set world record speed records on slip-n-slides, raced Porches on England’s premier race track, landed helicopters in places that are unimaginable and so much more.

As large events and team building are on pause right now, we’ve shifted our focus to helping people achieve their dreams through Global Sessions Bucket List Adventures. We’d love to hear about the bucket list items you have; it’s amazing how when you write something down or say it out loud how things begin to manifest.

And if someday you want our help to reach that summit, run that race or sail across the ocean, we are your coaches, we are your inspiration, your motivators and the ones to organize the path to success and hold you accountable along the way.

Dare to dream,