Team building experiences


One of the most effective ways to bring people together in meaningful ways, in a short amount of time, is through shared experiences and adventures. When you work with Global Sessions, you’re not only getting a personal, premium and seamless event (that’s a given). What really sets us apart are the inspiring, thought-provoking, fun and funny, wild, wacky and sometimes life-changing experiences we create.


  • Any group size, from 4-400+ people
  • Any location (Hood River is home base, but we’ll travel anywhere)
  • Purpose-driven activities instill teamwork, communication, trust, leadership, vulnerability, gratitude
  • Custom designed to deliver results specific to your needs
  • Can be a stand-alone event or as part of your retreat or offsite
Archery Tag

Archery Tag is an exciting game of strategy, teamwork and physical thrill, with the deeply satisfying bonus of being allowed to shoot your coworkers with foam-tipped arrows. The beauty of Archery Tag is that it completely levels the playing field- it’s a first for almost everyone, and you don’t have to be athletic to be a good shot. 



  • Exciting activity with a wealth of real-world takeaways
  • Requires teamwork, trust, communication and strategy
  • Competitive, but safe for players of almost any physical ability


Lawn Game Olympics

Next-level lawn games to spice up an afternoon with your team. With a long list of options and an arsenal of toys to choose from, we bring the fun and flow and you bring the competitive spirit.



  • Fun, light-hearted physical activity
  • Works with groups of almost any makeup
  • Requires teamwork and a sense of humor 
  • A perfect pre-happy hour activity to work up a thirst


Game Lab

Game Lab is a creative competition where teams work together to invent, test, present and play entirely new games dreamed up on the spot. Teams must work together to design, build and test a brand new game, sport or challenge using only the supplies provided. Teams then present and demonstrate their games to the other teams. After that, it’s PLAY time!



  • Fun physical activity combined with thoughtful creativity and teamwork  Appropriate for groups of all physical levels and abilities
  • Instills lessons of leadership, teamwork and communication 
  • Rich opportunity for post-activity reflection 



A creative, active, and engaging task-based adventure that sends groups on text, photo, video and GPS challenges using their cell phones and a custom-designed app.



  • Custom designed to achieve specific goals
  • Fun, physical activity
  • Requires collaboration, teamwork and good humor
  • Gets people outside interacting with their environment
  • Unlimited potential for scope of challenges


Crazy Golf

You won’t find drivers, chippers or putters in a Crazy Golf bag- at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, we use giant slingshots, tennis ball bazookas, frisbees, NERF balls hockey sticks  and an assortment of other implements and projectiles to advance through the course in as few “strokes” as possible.



  • Outdoor, physical activity friendly enough for groups of any makeup
  • Light-hearted, funny and fun
  • Creates ample opportunity for conversation and connecting with teammates
  • Requires teamwork and strategy


Clay Creation

Clay Creation is a customized, hands-on experience where creativity, communication and teamwork prevail. Global Sessions creates a custom set of build-off parameters and guidelines based on your team’s unique identity. Each group gets identical building supplies, tools and accessories, including a massive block of clay. The objective is to follow the guidelines and work together as a team to plan, plot and construct, then present, your creations to the rest of the group in an effort to win the vote as the best Clay Creation.



  • Fun indoor activity option that works in almost any venue
  • Hands-on, creative and mentally stimulating
  • Requires teamwork, communication, task and time management 
  • A great activity to combine with happy-hour
  • Effective icebreaker for groups that don’t know each other well 
  • Customizable to the meeting context


Cooking Class

It’s no secret that sharing a meal is one of the most basic, and effective, ways of connecting with people on a personal level. We take that concept a step farther with our  fun, friendly and mildly-competitive cooking experiences. We get your group talking, collaborating and engaging as we create the meal your team will then sit down and enjoy together. 



  • A fundamental way of breaking down barriers and connecting
  • Fosters communication and teamwork
  • Rich opportunity for deep  discussions
  • Sets leadership up for success
  • Great after-meeting activity



Breathwork is a physical and emotional deep-dive that has the potential to change lives in one 90-minute session. We partner with world-renowned breathwork expert Jon Paul Crimi, who guides people through an intense personal journey using a special technique of prolonged deep-breathing exercises and verbal guidance. It’s a highly-impactful experience only suited for the right group in the right mindset, but when the context is appropriate, breathwork is a powerful housecleaning of the soul that leaves people feeling relieved and teams feeling connected on a level they’ve never felt before. 



  • Deeply impactful, emotional experience
  • Shared vulnerability inspires meaningful connections
  • WOW factor to set tone for retreat or offsite
  • Creates clarity
  • A tool people can use in their daily lives
  • Everyone can participate

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