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Nike Awesome Games (NABO)

Team Building - Leadership and Vision



Purpose Leadership and Vision

Guests 30

Location Skamania Lodge, WA

Brief -  Client asked for lawn games that incorporated five main sport categories (football, basketball, soccer, running, womens sport).  They asked for a premium feel and next level experiences.

Solution A half day ESPN style live event inclusive of jumbotrons, TV hosts, full production team and appearances as well as  participation by Nike elite athletes. Teams competed against each other through a variety of unique games and activities from Air Force One slingshot baseball to giant pong basketball, culminating in the fastest slip and slide in the World stretching over 350ft!



Offshore Group 

Team Building - Executive management retreat


Purpose -  Executive Management Retreat

Guests -  5

Location -  Maui, Hawaii, Lahaina Private Luxury Home

Brief -  Under new leadership President wanted a strategize the future running of the company in a private and relaxing environment.

Solution 5 day retreat in a private home with an ocean view, private chef and inspirational work environment balanced with stand up paddle surfing with a world ranked athlete, waterfall hiking adventures, cliff jumping and a visit to Jaws (the largest wave in the world).


Nike PDX Experience

Team Building for International Team


Purpose -   Team building for International Team

Guests -   150

Location -   Portland, OR.

Brief -   Inspire guests to “think outside the box” - Creative, competitive, collaborative.

Solution  The event was broken into two parts:

Part one: The group was divided into teams and competed against each other in a customized high-tech scavenger hunt, game show that took them throughout downtown Portland utilizing public transport

Part two: In the same teams the group competed against each other in the Bridge Clay Creation Challenge. With 20 pounds of clay, a mystery box of supplies a checklist of requirements and lots of imagination the teams had to develop what Portland’s next bridge would look like if Nike built it. Winners were chosen by their peers in a blind judging format.



Nike Wilderness Adventure (NGC)

Team Building


Purpose -  New Team Bonding and Acclimation

Guests -  35

Location -  Smith Rock and Ranch at the Canyon; Bend, OR.

Brief - The client requested a working retreat involving a wilderness challenge that incorporated team work, bonding, relaxation and reward!

Solution - The group was divided into three teams as they were awarded points throughout the day for a series of challenges and races. Activities ranged from Geocaching and rappelling, to a river crossing race, team cooking challenge and Archery Tag tournament.





Nike Amazing Journey (NABR)

Team Focus and Goal Visioning



Purpose -  Nike requested a journey through personal, premium and seamless experiences.

Guests -  25

Location -  Napa Valley, CA

Brief -The client requested a journey through personal, premium and seamless experiences.

Solution This team was lead on a series of unique activities where around every corner was a surprise. The day began with yoga in wine cave which lead to an adventure race on bikes to Chandon for Lunch. Our valet swapped out the bikes for classic convertible mustangs and VW bugs, which lead to private castle for a series of games. The team was then lead to the Charles Krug winery where they were met by Peter Mondavi Jr. and Sr. for two hours, educating and entertaining the team with a rich Napa Wine history.


Dave's Killer Bread Offsite

Team Building Management Retreat


Purpose -  Visioning and New Team bonding

Guests -  50

Location -  Youngsburg Winery, Willamette Valley, OR.

Brief - DKB executive team was looking for an event that would encourage team bonding and focus towards their 2015 goals in a fun and professional way.

Solution  This all-day offsite excursion focused on learning, recreation, team bonding and communication. The day’s activities included leadership presentations by an appointed business facilitator to help guide the vision, adventurous and creative customized team-building games, a group lunch and conference under the wings of The Spruce Goose, and ending the day with a wine tasting experience at the West Coast’s finest Pinot Noir vineyard.





Tillamook Dairy Co-Op

Team Building


Purpose -  Leadership Retreat

Guests -  9

Location -  Hood River OR.

Brief - Bring a new senior management team together through shared experiences. Offer a premium experience and show the value of doing everything right, following through and working together as a team – the Tillamook Family!

Solution - Executive bus transported guests to Hood River for a 3 day retreat utilizing 3 private homes as both meeting and living space. Activities included a cooking experience with a private chef, Archery Tag tournament, private waterfall tour, waterfront bike ride and private breakfast, lunch and dinners.





Insitu Employee Enhancement Program 

Employee Well-Being


Purpose -  Employee Well-Being

Guests -  700+

Location -  Oregon, Washington, California

Brief - Under new leadership the client wanted to redefine their work culture and create an exciting, fulfilling, meaningful, and fun place to work.

Solution - Develop the Employee Enhancement Program, a 12 month program that creates custom designed off-site adventures and experiences in and around the local areas that the company is headquartered in.

Design and launch the Gear Shed Program, an in house recreational equipment rental and discount program. The objective is to decrease the barrier of entry for employees wanting to get outdoors and recreate.




Nike Latin Partners Lost Lake

Team Building


Purpose -  International Team meeting

Guests -  22

Location -  Hood River and Lost Lake Oregon

Brief - Group is looking for a taste of the Gorge event, with low level competition and lots of flavor and fun.

Solution - Guests were picked up at their hotel and whisked off to the Cathedral Ridge winery for a private wine tasting and picnic lunch. Following this, guests boarded the bus for a scenic drive to Lost Lake, where a private camp site was waiting. Activities included private chef and wine expert for snacks, wine tasting and the ‘Sangria Challenge’, stand up paddleboards, kayaks and rowboats. After sunset drinks, guests were driven back to their hotel for a private paella dinner.