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 Jarod Cogswell

Global Sessions resident Business Coach, Professional Speaker and Author of "WORK like an Athlete", Jarod Cogswell, provides customized, energetic educational sessions guaranteed to engage, motivate, and inspire your team. Jarod's programs boost business and individual performance and personal development in the areas of leadership, goal setting, team culture, time management and peak productivity.    

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"Jarod’s infectious enthusiasm and passion lighten the darkest corners of any room. He inspires, motivates and supports individuals and organizations to realize their potential and to charge after attainable goals. He's a true professional to work with and dedicated to excellence at every stage in the preparation and execution of our workshop.”

David Rae, Executive Producer & Chief Curator, TEDxPortland

What is Keynote
team building?

Our team of motivational speakers, coaches and events experts have created a unique business package that includes high-energy interactive keynote speaking, motivational workshops, leadership training and team building like you’ve never seen.

  • Reignite Employee Passion

  • Elevate Performance

  • Enhance Team Culture

  • Amplify Connectivity

  • Create Influence

  • Boost Morale

  • Motivate Company Pride

 Work. Play. LIVE! 

Our motto at Global Sessions is Work like an Athlete, Play Like it's your job. Live Life to the fullest. It's a balance we strive to achieve in our personal lives and one we often see a lack of in company and corporate culture. Here's how we apply the Work. Play. LIVE! ethos to Keynote Team Building:


First we WORK together: Work/life motivation, inspiration and leadership training with one of our keynote speakers. 

Then we PLAY together: We take the lessons learned in the conference room to the great outdoors to ensure invaluable team collaboration and playtime.

Then we LIVE the lessons: The WORK, PLAY, LIVE formula is a mindset and a new approach going forward.