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Jarod Cogswell

Speaker, Motivator, Business Coach

Jarod has been transforming and enhancing lives since he became a fitness professional and industry leader over 20+ years ago. He firmly believes that fitness helps condition the mind, body and spirit to maximize personal and professional potential. As a business leader, he has successfully led his teams to produce annual revenues to well over 8 figures, mentored and coached hundreds of teammates and clients (including business entrepreneurs, executives and world-class companies such as Nike and more). Jarod is also extremely passionate about developing leaders and creating motivational business cultures.


Recently, Jarod wrote a companion book to his workshop titled, "WORK like an Athlete", which encompasses both his successes and lessons learned in the trenches as a business leader. He believes that if one approaches his or her professional career and life as an elite athlete trains for their given sport, more job satisfaction and personal development WILL result.



My biggest fear is NOT having fun and it's very difficult when you don't feel your best. Therefore I'm still passionate about training my mind and body so that I have fun climbing mountains (I've climbed Mt. Hood almost 100 times), snowboarding down steep slopes with friends and falling off my surfboard. I also love the camaraderie of fitness and working out with other like-minded people, including my two amazing daughters.


Super power:

Maintaining high energy and enthusiasm even when it hurts.