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David Sischo

Director of Videography

Growing up surrounded by the Great Lakes, David has long had a fondness for water and the myriad of possibilities for work and play that it offers. A self-taught jack of all trades, and master of some, David is constantly seeking to expand his understanding on a wide variety of subjects. Moving to the Pacific Northwest brought expanding perspectives on the world and the people in it, allowing his interests in cinema and photography to take flight. Working with the Global Sessions team has been a key factor in the expansion of his knowledge and professional talents.




Though the never-ending and wild experiences with the Global Sessions crew and clients has allowed me to participate in things I had previously only dreamed of; such as flying and filming in a formation of helicopters over the Arizona desert, my best experiences and memories have been the times spent talking into the night around a fire with the Global Sessions team.



David enjoys cinematography, photography, sailing, aeronautics, automobiles, beauty in all its forms, the study of history and the ideas of true human progress.



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