Create a team song

Award-winning songwriters and performers Dawn and Hawkes will collaborate with the team to come up with an official mocktail hour song.

How it works:

The team signs onto Zoom, and listens to a few songs from Dawn and Hawkes while thinking about a list of questions that will inspire them to a write a line. The song will be themed, and should be inline with what the team is experiencing right now like, “Screaming babies on our Zoom call” or “Going to battle at Whole Foods.”

Everyone gets a chance to collaborate by adding lines to the song, and in less than an hour Dawn and Hawkes will perform it live.

Level up:

The team song is now a hit. The following week, Global Sessions will send out the song recorded by Dawn and Hawkes, and ask team members to record themselves singing a line. Those will be edited together to create a final version of the song.